Food Review in Singapore [8] : Zaffron Kitchen @ Westgate

Food Review of Zaffron Kitchen @ Westgate

After a facial session at Westgate in Chrysalis Spa with my mum, we were both hungry. I had a craving for North Indian cuisine especially my all-time favourite food, Papdi Chaat. It is a well-known traditional dish in North India. Just thinking about this food while writing make my mouth drool. I am serious!

Sometimes it was a bit dull to eat Chinese food frequently so we wanted to eat something else for a change. I also want to introduce my mum to some other types of cuisines which she would never try on her own. She went along with my idea.

Zaffron Kitchen Westgate

It was not easy finding a North Indian restaurant out of the blue without planning. Right after I gave up the search after checking the shopping directory display board, we walked past a nice looking restaurant, Zaffron Kitchen, on the first floor.

Zaffron Kitchen Menu Display

I stopped to see the menu curiously. To my pleasant surprise, it was an Indian food menu. After confirming with the waiter that the restaurant served North Indian food, we quickly walked inside. Bingo! That was what I wanted exactly!

Zaffron Kichen Interior Design

It was 2.15 pm and left with only one table of ladies chit-chatting. It did not look like a typical Indian restaurant which was the reason why I could not recognise it from far.

The interior was classy and had dim orange light. The restaurant had a British Indian-inspired interior design. It had won one of the International Property Award Asia Pacific 2014 and was a highly recommended leisure interior.

Zaffron Kitchen Electronic Menu

I was very impressed when a waitress handed us an electronic menu in a classic wooden frame. I had never seen such a design of menu selection before. The waitress showed us how to select a dish and place order on that electronic device.

She said the last order was 2.30 pm and we had only 15 minutes left. I asked her whether she would drive us away if we could not finish the food when the restaurant closed at 3 pm but she said we could stay as long as we want.

Zaffron Kitchen Food MenuTo be honest, I did not want to place my order so quickly because I was so attracted to that lovely electronic device which was an iPad. I wanted more time to read the menu since I am not familiar with Indian cuisine recipes.

We ordered just three dishes and did not order any rice or naan to go with it so we could eat again at home. I chose Papdi Chaat, Chana Masala and Raita for two people although I wanted to order much more but was afraid of not finishing the food.

Papdi Chaat @ $6.50

Crispy, tangy, hot and sweet all in one with fried dough wafers made from refined white flour, served with sweet yoghurt and topped with mint chutney

Zaffron Kitchen Papdi Chaat

Papdi Chaat is a light starter that I will give my two thumbs up for being so delicious and leave me wanting for more. I could just eat many plates of this dish alone.

The crispiness of the wafer, the right combination of yoghurt and mint chutney not only titillate the taste buds but also attractive in the presentation. You must not walk out of this restaurant without trying this dish. Finger licking good and yummy.

Chana Masala @ $ 12.00

Chickpeas cooked in a tangy mélange of freshly roasted spices and rich tomato gravy

Zaffron Kitchen Chana Masala

I would never have enough of chickpeas. Chana Masala cooked with chickpeas was fairly dry and spicy with a sour citrus note. This tasty dish is ideal to eat with naan and rice.

Raita @ $ 5.00

Side dish of yogurt containing chopped vegetables and spices

Zaffron Kitchen Raita

The yogurt taste of Raita is flavourful and sour which is well-liked by yogurt lovers. The serving came in a small bowl which was just the right size. Otherwise, the taste would be overpowering for those who are not used to eat too much yoghurt. Have a try for it.

Overall, I would like to patronise Zaffron Kitchen again and savour their other delectable speciality like Butter Chicken.

I would not hesitate to recommend this restaurant. It is a pity if you have not tried Zaffron Kitchen at least once in Westgate or its East Coast branch to relax in their elegant decor and try the famous Papdi Chaat!

Address of the Restaurant


3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532
Tel: (65) 6465 9880

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday
11.30 am – 9.30 pm (close 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

Friday – Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday
11:00 am – 10:00 pm
*Last order 30 minutes before closing


135/137 East Coast Road
Singapore 428820
Tel: (65) 6440 6786

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday
11.30 am – 10.00 pm (close 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

Friday – Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday
11:30 am – 11:00 pm
*Last order 30 minutes before closing


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