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I frequently live in my head and get disconnected from the rest of the world… Too engrossed… Sensational for me because I can craft out and dissect deep details and look beyond the surface yet master the skill of looking indifferent even though conscientiously I know what has happened

That is how I live my life to be.

People see me as someone who is sociable but yet I see myself as being quiet and constantly need to switch on to the silent mode especially when I am working on something.

Everyone should blog about their journey in life given the chance, time and the ability to do so. I regretted not blogging it much earlier because I had so many exciting experiences in the past. I did not know much about blogging online and how to do it blah blah… Am I allowed to do retrospective blogging?

I am not a very personal kind of person who will tell every single thing that happens in my daily life as some people do in the “Facebook Reporting System” reporting hourly SITREP (Situation Report). Seriously who cares when I am not a celebrity nor a political figure. Rather I am one who likes to read and research a lot of information online to satisfy my curiously (≥ maybe a geek? ≤). I like to share information with people, help them with what I know because I dun want to die holding on to precious knowledge only I would know.

This is a personal blog where I will write anything under the sun that may interest people to read it or skip it. I feel strongly about certain subjects dying to give my opinions.

I am honoured by this once in a lifetime opportunity to treat myself like a few minutes superstar by presenting to you… Ahem… a simple biodata about myself …. 🙂


Nationality  : Singaporean

Race             : Chinese

Marital         : Single

Height          : 158 cm

Weight        : 46 – 48 kg currently, can balloon up to a maximum of 55 kg (so far)

Zodiac          : Crazy Aquarius who lives in the name of humanity

Languages : English, Mandarin, French (Intermediate), Learning Flemish (aka Dutch) – Baby Level

Most Sensational and Unforgettable Period : Staying in France and Belgium from January to December 2014.

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