Accommodation in Paris (Introduction)

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C'est moi à Paris

C’est moi à Paris

From time to time, I will post announcements of LONG TERM room rental in Paris whenever there is a room or apartment available during that period.

If you or your friends are interested in renting it, please drop me a comment below and I will email back to you. (Your email address will not be reflected on this website.) All nationalities are welcome.

Once the owner finds a tenant for the room, I will remove the <Special Announcement> from the HOME page.

How did it start?

Me in Patio of La Courneuve

Patio of La Courneuve

I used to stay in La Courneuve in Paris from June to October 2014. During this period, I have formed a memorable friendship with the landlord and her family who are Asians.

As time passed by, we discovered that we had many shared interest such as watching Hong Kong TVB drama series, cooking Asian food, keeping the house clean and similar attitude towards many issues.

We also took an interest in each other personal life. She showed me concern as I did not have a lot of close friends in Paris whom I can talk and share my problems. She is also a very responsible landlord who would solve the technical problems in the house immediately because safety is her utmost priority.

She told me that I was one of the most honest people that she had come across. She shared interesting stories on the different types of tenants that she had met. She also explained many housing laws in France which I would never have known.

With more interaction, we trust each other more than a landlord-tenant relationship. Since we got along with each other so well, I went a step forward to offer my help to find more tenants online as she was not internet savvy and got her tenants mainly through referrals. She had a few units of apartments in her hand.

The tenant profiles are of both local and international single working professionals or students. Whenever someone finished their study or work contract and had to leave Paris, she would ask me to put up an online advertisement based on the profile that she wanted.

The most ironical thing known to both of us is that she was always very satisfied with the group of prospective tenants that I had found for her online. Sometimes she was caught in a dilemma during an open-house visit as not knowing who to choose from those ‘good tenants’ who wanted her room on the spot! She never had this type of experience before.

I helped her close a few units in 2014 because she preferred the tenants that I had recommended comparing to the tenants whom she got from other referrals. She believed that we have chemistry to make things work smoothly :). Simply said, good tenants to a landlord means fewer problems in the future for both parties.

In November 2014, when I moved to Antwerp, Belgium from Paris, she requested me to continue to help her find tenants online. Even when I left home after my student visa expired, I could do the same thing online. It was very meaningful because we could maintain our friendship this way.

What is my advantage of helping her?

I appreciated her goodwill that she tried very hard to help me find a job in Paris so I could extend my visa and stayed longer. Additionally, I can get to communicate with different nationalities, meet up with them and most importantly a chance for practising my written and spoken French.

Through this channel, I hope to create more opportunities for her and the prospective tenants by placing some advertisements on my blog and other online room rental websites concurrently.

Lastly, she will be the one having the final decision on the choice of tenants based on individual profiling face to face. Everyone is equal in my eyes and I try to help 🙂

Good Luck!

♦ If you are a foreigner, first time staying in Paris for a long term or have not arrived in Paris yet, you may like to read more about finding apartments in Paris and the mentality of most landlords so you can deal with the situation better.

♦ Accommodation in Paris (Guide for Foreigners)

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