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♥ Singapore (Feb 2010)

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a) Rarely do I attend birthday celebration involving a large group of people as I grow older. With time passing by, birthday celebrations become lesser and are normally celebrated with that handful of close friends or family members.

Do treasure the special day when one good friend volunteers to organise a party. One does not have too much of such opportunities except for the few person I know of that has group celebrations every year.

The photo seemed to have only the ladies dressed in black and white on a friend’s birthday. It was a coincidence. There was no special theme or dress code for that night.

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♥ Stockholm (Jul 2010)

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Just me and the Daim ice cream. Daim chocolates come from Sweden and we cannot get the Daim ice cream but only the Daim candies back in Singapore. The nice thing about eating ice cream in the cold weather is that it never melts too fast which mean I can take my own sweet time to savour the ice cream.

In Singapore, I have to always finish my ice cream as fast as I can before it turns into a puddle of creamy liquid that drips down to my hand most of the time. No talking, eat fast is the golden rule.

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♥ Singapore (Oct 2010)

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A Charity Cruise was organised for the less fortunate children from my previous work place in a yacht club, RSYC (Republic of Singapore Yacht Club). Activities include bringing the children to an island (cannot recall the name of the island) by jet ski boats, free jet ski rides by the Members of RSYC, games and food.

On this day, I had the advantage of trying out my first jetski as a passenger. All staffs who tried the jetski would definitely be thrown into the sea halfway without fail no matter how hard you hold on to the driver, he would have a way to ensure that you fall.

I challenged the driver who was our Marine Manager. He threw me into the sea two times with serious dark bruises on my legs whereas the others got thrown into the sea only 1 time. Drenched but I didn’t bring any clothes to change because I did not expect to have a chance to try out jet ski that day.

The best perk about working in Food & Beverages and Event industry is the free delicious meal provided every working shift. Whenever there are events, we get free good food too! When I resigned, the only regret I had was the abundance of tasty food that I had lost and terribly missed. Yes, RSYC did indeed provide very high quality lunch and dinner for their staffs because their chefs were simply fantastic!

One of the best food memories was a dinner reception where the Guest-of-Honour was our President Nathan. I ate the same type of delicacies that he ate that night aftershave had left and there were a lot of left-over food which were to sinful to dump away everything. Needless to say, food presentation and quality of taste were served to the finest standard of what should be called a delicacy. Yummy!

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