Bakerzin @ Gardens by the Bay

Bakerzin Garden by the Bay Food Review

Bakerzin café first started its business in 1998 specialising in patisseries and cakes. They have eight outlets to date. Our family of six went for dinner in Bakerzin at Garden by the Bay. Ashamed to say, it was my first time dining at Bakerzin even though they have established 18 years in Singapore.

Bakerzin Restaurant

We dined rather early at 5 pm so there was no customer at this time. We sat in a cosy corner, looked at the menu and ready to pick the food. There was a wide selection of main courses to choose from – local and western food.

Bakerzin Barley Salad

 As a starter, Barley Salad ($12.50) was very appetising. It reminded me of the Burmese Salad, Lephet Thoke (Fermented Tea Leaf Salad) which I have tried one time. This dessert is a must order food because the sauce and the taste are unique.

Bakerzin Kids Mini Meatballs

Kids Mini Meatballs ($ 9.90) was for my niece. I have never taken a fancy on tomato sauce. Eating too much of tomato sauce makes me repulsive. I tasted the food nonetheless. There was nothing special. Even the meatballs were not that tasty.

Bakerzin Chix Curry Rice

Chix Curry Rice ($16.50) must be avoided at all cost if you are expecting the same standard of the authentic local curry. Overly sweet curry sauce was another failure to this dish. The ingredient was little too.

Bakerzin Burger I did not try Bakerzin Burger ($17.90). The burger was rather small. My brother remarked the taste to be so-so. I guessed the standard was decent.

Bakerzin New York Coney Island Dog

I did not try New York Coney Island Dog ($18.90) either. A piece of hot dog with meat sauce and some potato wedges.

Bakerzin Thai Pork Rice

The first thing that came to my mind about Thai Pork Rice ($17.90) was the amount of sugar that had been put in. It was too sweet. I did not think that it was delicious at all because all that I tasted was sugar.

Bakerzin Salmon Penne

Voila, it was mine! This Salmon Penne ($18.90) was the most delicious main course of all.  The creamy sauce was appetising and leave me wanting for more with each bite.

Bakerzin Pumpkin Chiffon

Finally the long awaited dessert, a slice of Pumpkin Chiffon ($ 5.00) in anticipation. It is the “Cake of the Month” for June. The cake had the flavour of pumpkin. Unfortunately, it was too sugary to be able to enjoy the pumpkin fragrance. It had somewhat failed in my expectation.

Bakerzin Chocolate Cake with Vanilla

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla ($ 8.80) was an expensive dessert to indulge and not worth the money. It was attractive to look at but not pleasurable to eat. The taste was not distinctive and yet very sweet. Sweetness once again overpowered the flavour.

We were pleased with the service. The friendly waitress informed us on the promotions and gently reminded us at times so that we would not miss out the offer.

I would not recommend Bakerzin at Garden by the Bay because the standard of the food was not high. The chef had added too much sugar in many of their dishes. Even their signature desserts failed to make the mark in my opinion.

DBS card holders enjoy a 15% discount on the bill. Remember to check with the staffs and show your credit card when you foot the bill.

Address of the Restaurant


18 Marina Drive
Singapore 018953
Tel: (65) 6604 7370

Daily Operating Hours

Monday to Friday and Eve of Public Holiday
10am to 9.30pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday
9am to 9.30pm

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