Oceans of Seafood @ The Grandstand, Turf City

Oceans of Seafood Food Review

Oceans of Seafood is the best Japanese restaurant in Singapore in my opinion. It has a stylish interior in wood design. The dim light provides a calm and relaxing ambience away from the upbeat lifestyle. I would love to come here every day and bask in such a cosy atmosphere.

Oceans of Seafood Restaurant

I came with my best friend to celebrate my birthday because we love to eat Japanese food in a non-crowded place. Oceans of Seafood is at The Grandstand located in Turf City. It is rather troublesome to reach the area if one does not drive. There are a few shuttle bus pickup points from the MRT stations and the bus stops that can pick up people to The Grandstand.

Food Review in Singapore 12 - Oceans of SeafoodFor sashimi lovers, we indulge in Sashimi Salad ($14.00) as a starter which a variety of fresh raw fishes and salad titillate our taste buds.

Oceans of Seafood Salmon Oyako Chirashi

Salmon Oyako Chirashi ($28.00) which means Salmon on a Sushi Rice Bowl had six thick slices of salmon and a generous serving of fish roe. The menu online reflected the price to be $20.00. The restaurant charged us $28.00 when we foot the bill. Have they increased 40% of the price or did they make a mistake that we paid for it without checking? I think that $28.00 is way too pricey for this dish. $20.00 is reasonable.

Oceans of Seafood Chawanmushi

Chawan Mushi ($7.00) is a must to complete the Japanese meal. Their Chawanmushi had a lot of ingredients as you can see from the photo. The steamed egg was smooth and delightful.

Oceans of Seafood Sushi

We placed an order for the sushi which came in a single piece – Unagi Sushi ($ 3.40), Salmon Sushi ($ 2.50) and Maguro Sushi ($ 2.80)

We also had Lychee Frizz ($ 4.50)drinks and Salmon Avocado ($ 7.00). The total bill was $95.00 (inclusive of GST and service charge) which was rather expensive especially Salmon Oyako Chirashi. I still felt that it was not worth the price of $28.00. Nevertheless, I will patronise this Japanese restaurant again if I have the chance.

Address of the Restaurant


PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore
200 Turf Club Road
#02-06 (#02-K2 to #02-K11)
Singapore 287994
Tel: (65) 6466 1005

(*Permanently Closed*)