Accommodation in Paris (La Courneuve)

Autumn In La Courneuve

*Rented Out*


We have 2 rooms available for rent immediately in La Courneuve. The apartment is North-East of Paris, 2 to 3 minutes of walking from last Metro Station of Line 7 – “La Courneuve 8-mai-1945”, which is still in ºZone 1 and 2º.

It means that you do not have to pay additional train ticket cost even if you are slightly out of ºParis Zoneº.

The whole building is newly constructed in April 2014. The apartment has 5 bedrooms in total. A common kitchen, bathroom, toilet and patio will be shared among all roommates who are mostly students. Smoking is allowed on the patio.

During summer, the patio is very sunny. You can dry your laundry outside, relax and bask in the sun or have a barbeque session with your roommates. During winter, 24 hrs of central heating is turned on.

There are a lot of restaurants, big supermarkets and shops nearby in the lively neighbourhood all within walking distance. There is a big bazaar around the metro every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings until 2 pm, one of the largest you can find in Paris vicinity.

The bazaar sells cheap, fresh food and clothes which are a huge advantage for people who would like to have a frugal lifestyle while immersing in the multi-racial culture in Paris.

Location: La Courneuve

Postal Code 93120


Paris RER Métro Location

Métro Location

*Click this link to see full-size, high-resolution image*

 Points to Note

  • You have to be a neat, tidy and clean person.
  • Participating in housework once/twice a month among all roommates is compulsory.
  • The bed is single and suitable for one person to sleep only.
  • Bed sheet, blanket and pillow not provided.
  • Wifi provided.
  • Washing machine and clothes rack provided.
  • 24 hrs central heating provided during winter.
  • We do not accept reservation over email. Only in person.


Room Rental Charge

€ 400.00 / 1 calendar month
♣ 1-month deposit to be paid in advance
♣ Availability: Immediately from 22 March 2017


Note on Photos

* Layout of the available rooms differ from the photos below, which is one of the rooms in the apartment. However, they have the same room size.

* Size of the windows are different for each room.

Contact Me

Please send me an email at or drop me a comment below if you are interested in viewing the room or have more questions to ask. Your email address will not be reflected.

Kindly include in the details below about yourself when you email me:-

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Age
  4. Nationality
  5. Your Purpose in Paris (Working, Studying or Both?)
  6. When do you need the room?
  7. French number (Optional – Kindly note that the landlord will not make calls out of France, by email then)

♦ If you are a foreigner, first time staying in Paris for long term or have not arrived in Paris yet, you may like to read more about finding apartments in Paris and the mentality of most landlords so you can deal with the situation better.

♦ Accommodation in Paris (Guide for Foreigners)

Vous pouvez m’écrire en français si vous voulez.

Thank you.



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Immediate Listing

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  • Hello,
    I moved here a few months ago and i am looking for a long term rental. I am studing french and working as an english teacher in the afternoon. I am hoping to apply for my masters next year.
    Thank you,

    • sensational savvy

      Hi Christie, thanks for your response. You sound like a good fit to what the landlord wants 🙂 Allow me to ask you some questions over email later before the information gets too public. Cheers…

  • Hey i wrote you an e-mail 🙂

  • Hi, I am a student at inseec. Living at a student accommodation in 11th district and looking for a cheaper place to move in from april.

    Let me know if its still available

    • sensational savvy

      Hi Khadija, thanks for your response. The units are still available. I will follow up with an email to you later. Cheers…

  • Hi, I´m Omar, I´m a student doing a “sejour au pair”. I´m finishing my stay in France, I am coming back to Mexico in June. I´m interested in the room. It might fit to me. I thank to let me know if it is still available.


    • sensational savvy

      Hi Omar, thanks for your interest. I won’t be able to tell you whether the room will still be available by the time you come back. Kindly write me again when you arrive in Paris to check. No reservation or confirmation of room over email, only in person. Thank you! 🙂

  • Hello.
    I am an exchange student in Paris and looking for a place to stay till December.
    Are there still any room available?
    Please send me an email. Thank you very much for your time.

    • sensational savvy

      Hi Sarah! Already sent you an email. Please check and reply me the questions. Thank you!

  • Hello!

    Is this room still available?

    Thank you,

  • Bonjour,
    I am a French woman who has lived in the US for many years and is now back in Paris looking for a share accommodation. I am a non smoker, 40 y old, clean, respectful, fun loving:)
    I am well travelled (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA) and I work as a certified massage therapist.
    I like to go to comedy clubs, I am writing a one woman show in English, I often travel and go see my family in Brittany by train…
    I am looking forward hearing back from you.
    Kind Regards,

    • sensational savvy

      Bonjour Nathalie, I have sent you an email. Kindly check and reply me. We will get in touch with you soon. Thank you! 🙂

  • Hello hello! I am a musician and very much interested in the room please let me know as soon as possible. I can say for myself i m clean it simply depresses me when i see dirt… So i clean up after myself and often others i dont mind, also I m respectful to others around i guess i learned these few things being a musician and performing most of my days of my life, love makin people happy or cry outa joy why not.
    lookin forward to your response.

    • sensational savvy

      Hi Mariano, thank you for your interest. I have already sent you an email. Kindly check and reply back to me. Thank you.

  • Hello! I am a university student who is 22 yrs old. I live in Turkey and I will be in Paris from 28th of June for internship( for 3 months). Is it available or not ?
    Best regards 🙂

    • sensational savvy

      Hi Burcu, 28th June is too far away to tell. You have to check the availability of the status again when the date is closer. If the room is rented out, I will put a remark as “RENTED OUT”. Thank you.

  • Hello,
    I am Ilaria and I am an English Teacher. I just got a contract with a Montessori School for September 2015, and I am looking for a place to stay in Paris. I like “la collocation” a lot. I like to share my space, my things, and my time with people from all over. I speak other languages rather than English, and a little bit of French. I travelled a lot and I want to continue travelling. My project is eventually going back to the USA and take my phd in Comparative Literature. I love Literature!
    I saw the pictures of the house and it seems pretty nice and bright. I would be interested in taking a visit. Please let me now when you organize them.
    Bonne Journée,

    • sensational savvy

      Hi Ilaria, I have sent you an email about your request. kindly check. Thank you.

  • Hello Shirline,

    I write on the off-chance that the apartment is still in need of a tenant. I am Yong Jie, a Singaporean presently in my second year of Master’s at Sciences-po Paris.

    Do let me know if there is a possibility of my renting a room at the apartment. The place appears lovely going by the write-up and photos, and I would be very keen to find out more about it.

    Have a great day.

    Yong Jie

    • Hi Yong Jie, I hope the landlord has called you by now. I have given her your contact. Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I am staying in Paris for 1 year and I am looking for a place tô stay that is no ver expensive and were i can meet lote a of People around the Word. I speak portugueses, spanish, english and frensh. What are the papéis i need to take to sign the contract.



    • Hi Dina, all the rooms have been rented out at this moment. You have to give more info about yourself before the landlord consider to meet the prospective tenants or not.

  • Hi,

    I’m a 23 year old English student taking a gap year in Paris (until May), when I will go back to studying in Scotland. I speak English and French fluently and I’ve always lived in flatshares so know what makes a good flatmate and love living with other people.

    The house looks lovely, would it be possible to visit?



    • sensational savvy

      Hi Clare,
      I have already replied to your email. Please check and reply 🙂 Thank you.

  • Manoj Kumar Sundarm

    I’m currently staying in Lille and planning on moving to Paris on December 1st, 2015. I would like to know if the flats are still available?
    Also wanted to know if the bedrooms are shared with two beds or more, or just single person in the room?
    Provide me with necessary details for shifting.

    • sensational savvy

      Hi Manoj,
      The bedroom is individual. Please check the photo. Please write me again when you are arriving in Paris to check the availability. Thank you.

  • Bonjour,
    je suis intéressée par la chambre, est elle toujours disponible?

  • Bonjour, je suis de la Martinique. Je déménage sur Paris au moi de mars. J’ai 2 garcons et j’attends un 3eme. Votre chambre m’intéresse. I also speak English, I am a clean and social person. Thanks for answering me.

    • sensational savvy

      Bonjour Nadiege,
      La chambre est plus adaptée pour une personne seule. En plus, c’est loin de savoir si toute chambre est encore disponible au moi de mars.