Food and Travel Overseas [7] 2011 (Netherlands, Belgium, France)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Table of Contents Netherlands Amsterdam Belgium Antwerp Brussels Antwerp France Paris NETHERLANDS ♥ Amsterdam (Jul 2011) a) This is the type of sushi that one can eat in Holland and Belgium – Herring.  It is eaten with chopped onion and is a bit salty. I love to eat this sushi very much as it is very delicious. The fish above […]

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Food and Travel Overseas [6] 2011 (Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, China)

Table of Contents Belgium Brussels Antwerp Singapore Singapore Malaysia Malacca Johor Bahru China Longsheng BELGIUM ♥ Brussels (Jan 2011) a) Belgium is well known for the mussels, beer, waffles and fries. Not many people know that the first fries came from Belgium. Upon some research, there were claims of ownership between France and Belgium as to who was the first […]

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