Room Rental in Paris (La Courneuve) on 21 July 2017

Autumn In La Courneuve

Location: La Courneuve

(Postal Code 93120)

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We have 1 room available for rent in La Courneuve on 21 July 2017. Exact The apartment is located in North-East of Paris, 2 to 3 minutes of walking to the last Metro Station of Line 7 – La Courneuve 8-mai-1945.

The whole building is newly constructed in April 2014. The apartment has 5 bedrooms in total. A common kitchen, bathroom, toilet and patio will be shared among all roommates who are mostly students. Smoking is allowed on the patio.

During summer, the patio is very sunny. You can dry your laundry outside, relax and bask in the sun or have a barbeque session with your roommates. During winter, 24 hrs of central heating is turned on.

There are a lot of restaurants, big supermarkets and shops nearby in the lively neighbourhood all within walking distance. There is a big bazaar around the metro every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings until 2pm, one of the biggest you can find in Paris vicinity.

The bazaar sells cheap, fresh food and clothes which is a huge advantage for people who would like to have an economical lifestyle while enjoying the multi-racial culture in Paris.

Points to Note

  • You have to be a neat, tidy and clean person.
  • Participating in housework once/twice a month among all roommates is compulsory.
  • The bed is single and suitable for 1 person to sleep only.
  • Bed sheet, blanket and pillow are not provided.
  • Wifi provided.
  • Washing machine and clothes rack provided.
  • 24 hrs central heating provided during winter.
  • You should not have too much things to keep in this room because the space is limited.



€ 300.00 / 1 calendar month
♣ 1 month deposit to be paid in advance
♣ Availability:  21 July 2017


Please send me an email at or drop me a comment below if you are have more questions to ask. Your email address will not be reflected.

Ideally, you should already be in Paris to view the apartment or arriving in Paris in the next few day when you write to us.


†Kindly include a brief detail about yourself when you write.

♦ If you are a foreigner, first time staying in Paris for long term or have not arrived in Paris yet, you may like to read more about finding apartments in Paris and the mentality of most landlords so you can deal with the situation better.

♦ Accommodation in Paris (Guide for Foreigners)

Vous pouvez m’écrire en français si vous voulez.

Thank you.





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One comment

  • I have sent you an email. Everything seems very comfortable for me in this including the rent. It would be really really nice if I get to stay here. I forgot to put personal details in the mail but have mentioned my name and where I’m from. I’m diwagar from Pondicherry, India. 22 yrs old. Male. Photographer. I’m coming to Paris for my studies in speos international photography school.