Cutie Pie Korean Baby Yebin Videos [1] Mar – Jun 2014

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8 Videos

1. Mom Tries To Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson
2. Mom Tries To Teach Adorable Girl Scary New Words
3. Baby Yebin – Singing Happy Birthday
4. Afraid Of Pororo
5. Dancing Cutely
6. Adorable Korean Baby Eating Little Melons With Mom
7. Yebin And Almonds
8. First Time Baby Yebin Saying Papa

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Born on 27 December 2011 @ 5.55 am, weight of 3.78 kg and B blood type, the birth date of this Capricorn Baby, Kim Yebin is the hottest and cutest Korean sensation recently. Not only does she look very cute with her big, innocent, round eyes, this Korean child celebrity is truly a representative of the phrase “as innocent as a child”.

I am a fanatic fan of Baby Yebin. I have fallen in love with her ever since I watched 2 of her videos in 2014. My first thought was “I do not mind to give up a few years of my life just to have a similar baby like her.” She brings me joy, drives away my stress and soothes my heart. No, I am not crazy over Korean celebrities and babies at all. Just her.

She truly melts my heart and I have gone through a few of her videos more than 10 times. I never get sick of watching them over and over again. Such is the power of her gorgeous charm, smile and laughter. With such an adorable and comical expression, it is no wondered that some of her popular videos have garnered her fans from all over the world.

Special Thanks to Yebin’s Mother

Baby Yebin and Her Mother

Baby Yebin and Her Mother

After watching all the videos, one can see that she played a very important role to cultivate the cute behaviour of Yebin because Mommy asked her a lot of questions, do role play with her and teach her to do the right things.

Most importantly of all, the discovery of one of the prettiest, most charming and adorable kids around really require a lot of time, making the effort and energy to shoot and upload these very professional taken videos as most of them had a theme or even a plot to it.

Many thanks in sharing all these videos, Yebin’s Mother!! Waiting eagerly for the next one to come.

Why Extract Baby Yebin’s Videos from Youtube?

Why do double job when one could see all her videos from Youtube? I plan to “grow with her” and will be collecting the videos of my favourite girl from Youtube by arranging them in chronological order according to the date of publication. It is easier for me and her fans to track her progress of growing up as months and years go by.

In Youtube, the videos are arranged in a manner with other non-related videos so it is difficult for die-hard fans like me to remember which are the videos that I have watched before and which are the new ones. I have tried my best to extract all her videos from Youtube and hopefully I did not miss out any videos.

Most of the video sources are from the Official Page of ‘Baby Yebin’ in Youtube if unnamed after the date. The Youtube Official Page was set up by her mum. The videos were rather high quality and have high entertainment value. The credit source of the videos will be named after the date if it did not come from ‘Baby Yebin Official Page’.

Let us take the journey together and watch her glamour path in times to come and what will become of her down the road? Will her newborn baby brother, Dobin, be as cute and famous as her?I want her to be part of it inside my blog so I could see her frequently.

Facebook Videos of Baby Yebin

I have extracted out most videos from Yebin’s Official Page which were not uploaded in Youtube hence there should not be duplication. The videos are only in Korean language because the official site is in Korean language.

After Yebin’s mother had given birth in March 2015 to Yebin’s brother, Little Dobin, she had probably less time to do the English Translation for the Youtube videod or less time to upload them into Youtube. Many videos in its original version were uploaded in facebook but not in Youtube.

English Subtitles

Most of the videos in Youtube have English subtitles unless otherwise stated. If you cannot see the video in English subtitles as a default, you have to click on the square button marked “CC” located at the bottom right hand corner to get the English subtitle out.

All the videos extracted in Baby Yebin’s Official facebook page have no English subtitle. The posts can be translated from Korean to English by pressing the “See Translation” link powered by Bing. However, the translated English is very bad and sometimes doesn’t make sense.

My Reviews and Star Ratings of Yebin’s Videos

Definitely all videos of Baby Yebin are worth the watch if you have the time and love her as much as me. My star rating (Out of 5) given below is to give an indication on how worthwhile it is to watch certain videos.  You probably can give some videos a miss if you are selective in watching.

The Best of Baby Yebin total video compilation has 10 pages [1 to 10] currently and consist of 124 videos in total from Mar 2014 to current.

✰✰✰✰✰ Must watch!

✰✰✰✰    Go For It! 

✰✰✰       Average

✰✰          If you have more time

✰             Give it a miss, man

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12 March 2014 – Drama Fever (58 sec)

1. Mom Tries To Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson

This is the video that has gone viral and has been forwarded the most number of times all over the world. Thanks to this video, we have discovered the existence of such a cute, unforgettable Korean girl which depicts a baby instinct to say yes to anyone when she is offered things that she likes. 

The mother was teaching her to say “no” to strangers. Each time, Yebin forgot and said “yes” naturally with every sweet request made to her from her parents because she did not know what is “a stranger”?

5-stars rating not forgetting her big, innocent grin which would melt the toughest heart and spread like wild fire over the internet. I have watched this video way TOO MANY TIMES and never got sick of it!

Amazingly, after some time, there was another video similar to this one with the reversal of roles. This time, Yebin was Teaching Her Mom not to accept favours from strangers!!! Do not miss this version if you like the video above. 


15 April 2014 – Drama Fever (39 sec)

2. Mom Tries To Teach Adorable Girl Scary New Words

This is the second video that I have watched which further affirmed that I should be watching out more videos of her and she would be the next big sensational hit in Korea and worldwide!

The mother was teaching her to say “I am scared” and apparently at a tender age, she had a problem pronouncing some words and were made to repeat several times. She had a facial expression at the end which was another famous trademark among her photos that gone viral. 


28 April 2014 – Zhel Saranghae (32 sec)

3. Baby Yebin – Singing Happy Birthday

Whose birthday was that? Baby Yebin date of birth is on 27 December 2011. Could it be her? 

The mother was teaching her to sing “Happy Birthday”. Lil Yebin did not know how to sing and just follow through with a few words and clapping.


28 April 2014 – Zhel Saranghae (1 min 17 sec)

4. Baby Yebin – Afraid Of Pororo

There in no English Subtitle in this video which is a pity. The conversation of her mum would say a lot as to why Yebin cried.

The mother was drawing Pororo, a little penguin from South Korean computer-generated animated cartoon. I believed that Yebin cried because of the story that her mother had told her in addition to the evil voice imitated by her mother in the story telling which made her become scared and cried, not from the drawing of the cartoon.


11 May 2014 – GsdPH (1 min 19 sec)

5. Baby Yebin – Dancing Cutely

There in no English Subtitle in this video which made understanding of the story difficult. We do not know why she started dancing. Maybe some kind soul could help translate the story?

The mother was telling Yebin something and she started dancing. At the end of the dance, she protruded out her stomach and lift up her clothes shwoing her little stomach which surprised her mother.


14 June 2014 – Koreaboo (1 min 45 sec)

6. Adorable Korean Baby Eating Little Melons With Mom

Finally videos with English subtitle commenced again! Yebin enjoyed eating her watermelon very much. She was really a very kind daughter that would allow her mum to eat first.  

The mother asked Yebin whether she would share her watermelon. Yebin said that her mother should eat first and exclaimed a lot of times that the watermelon was yummy! She played with the watermelon seed and was trying to catch it. 


23 June 2014 (22 sec)

7. Yebin And Almonds 예빈이와 아몬드이야기

Baby Yebin still have not completely understood the spoken words in this video. She was holding a container of almonds. Her mum asked her to hand over so she could open it and feed Yebin.  

Yebin thought that her mother was attempting to snatch the container away from her and thus held on to the container vehemently. She could not speak a word to express her refusal, only from her body language. 


24 June 2014 (53 sec)

8. First Time Baby Yebin Saying Papa 아빠라고 처음 말하는 예빈이

This is a video when Yebin was much younger. Her mum probably knew that Yebin has stirred the world with the cuteness sensation and started to upload more videos of her younger days. In my opinion, Yebin was still not that cute and fun when she was a toddler. She was ordinary like any baby of that age. Her extraordinary cuteness sprouted later when she learned to talk and was more sensible.    

The mother was teaching Yebin how to call “Papa”. Yebin said a few words of Papa and when her mum taught her to say “Mama”, she didn’t response. So her papa was the first person that she learn to call.


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