Cutie Pie Korean Baby Yebin Videos [13] Jul – Aug 2015

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Introduction [Part 1]

7 Videos

1. Flower Ring | 꽃반지
2. Super Cute Yebin Teaching Animal Sounds In Korean
3. Put Your hands Up 12345 | 손을위로 원투쓰리뽀빠이
4. Baby Yebin June Instagram Compilation | 예빈이 6월 인스타그램 영상 모음
5. Frozen | 겨울왕국 1
6. I Protect You! | 도빈아 누나가 지켜줄게!
7. Baby Yebin July Instagram Compilation | 예빈이 7월 인스타그램 영상 모음

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4 July 2015 (1 min)

1. Flower Ring 꽃반지

Baby Yebin was eating chocolate and blowing the flower on her ring. It was really amusing at how hard she blew to make the flower spin on the ring.

She was eating a sausage and trying to associate the colour of the sausage with her drink which she grouped them as pink colour.


5 July 2015 (3 min 40 sec)

2. Super Cute Yebin teaching Animal sounds in Korean

Baby Yebin was invited to an English show where she was asked to imitate the sound of many animals.

As usual, Yebin was really cute when trying to recall how certain animals made noise and wasn’t too sure how some animals made noise. 


10 July 2015 (1 min 55 sec)

3. Put your hands up 12345 손을위로 원투쓰리뽀빠이

Yebin was singing a song and dancing to it, more like jumping up and down. Yebin said she could not blow up a balloon like her father did but she could tie up a balloon. Her mother asked her many questions with “why” to the extent that Yebin asked her mum not to ask her why anymore.

Yebin pointed to some fridge stickers and try to imitate one by one.  


17 July 2015 (5 mins)

4. Yebin June Instagram Compilation 예빈이 6월 인스타그램 영상 모음


4 August 2015 (2 min 41 sec)

5. Frozen 겨울왕국 1

There was several parts of the videos. It is also the first time I get to hear Lil Yebin’s mother sing a song. Yebin was excited and clapped. 

Yebin was kissing her brother, Dobin, affectionately all over his body parts and naming them each time she kissed it.

Wanna hear her sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in Korean language?

Another Korean prononciation class from her mm ummy to her. Sometimes she was impatient when asked to pronounce the same words. By the way, her dress looked really pretty and I simply loved the design.

This was the funniest part of the video which I would give it a 5 stars. Baby Yebin said that she dreamt of Pororo the night before and her mum claimed that she lied because her nose was getting longer.

Yebin reaffirmed that she did dream about Pororo the night before, her mum insisted that her nose was getting longer and longer while touching her nose and what found they do? 

An agitated Yebin brushed her mother’s hand away while behaving sulkily. Her mother loved teasing her as usual, did not stop her tease and told her she looked like a Pinnochio because Yebin was a liar.

Feeling misunderstood, Yebin broke down eventually as she could not take her mother’s ‘cruel’ words. Poor Yebin! The world is feeling the pain for you when you cried, Cutie Pie!


7 August 2015 (1 min 38 sec)

6. I Protect You! 도빈아 누나가 지켜줄게!

Cute Yebin was holding Dobin’s hand and said that she would protect him. She swore if there were thunder and lightning around, she would cover her brother with bedclothes. She would defeat them because Dobin was afraid of them. Yebin made a scream “Go Away!” if the thunder and lightning came.

Her mother said it was more probable that her voice would scare Dobin more than the thunder. Yebin exclaimed no and reasoned out that it was due to her loud voice which chased the thunder and lightning away. She ended giving Dobin a weird but very cute expression which puzzled her mum.

PS : You would hear one FB messaging sound which came from the video, not yours! :p


19 August 2015 (3 min)

7. Baby Yebin July Instagram Compilation | 예빈이 7월 인스타그램 영상 모음