Two Available Rooms in Paris (13th Arrondissement) Immediately

Location: 13th Arrondissement 

(Postal Code 75013)

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We have two rooms available for rent at 13th Arrondissement Avenue de la Porte d’Ivry immediately. The apartment is in the South of Paris, 2 to 3 minutes of walking to the Metro Station Line 7 – Porte D’Ivry.

13th Arrondissement is the heart of the Asian community in Paris and has the most number of high-rise apartments. Chinatown is within walking distance of the building.

There are a lot of restaurants, big supermarkets and shops around the vibrant neighbourhood nearby. It is ideal for people who enjoy immersing in Asian culture.

The apartment is on a high floor with a lovely panoramic view. Not for the acrophobic. The apartment has four bedrooms in total. All the roommates will share the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Points to Note

  • Female tenants are preferred.
  • The layout of the room may differ from the photo shown.
  • You have to be a neat, tidy and clean person.
  • Participating in housework once or twice a month among all roommates is compulsory.
  • The bed is single and suitable for one person to sleep only.
  • Bed sheet, blanket and pillow are not provided.
  • Wifi provided.
  • Washing machine provided.
  • Clothes rack provided.
  • Prefer working adults, students with local guarantors and others.
  • Mandatory to speak fluent French for communication among roommates.



€ 430.00 / month (charges comprises)
♣ 1-month deposit to be paid in advance
♣ Availability: Immediately


Contact Me

Please send me an email or drop me a comment below if you are interested in viewing the room or have more questions to ask. Your email address will not be reflected.

†Kindly include in the details below about yourself when you send me an email:-

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Age
  4. Nationality
  5. Your Purpose in Paris (Working, Studying or Both?)
  6. When do you need the room and for how long
  7. Your European contact number

Ideally, you should already be in Paris to view the apartment or arriving in Paris in the next few days when you write to us.


♦ If you are a foreigner, your first time staying in Paris for long term or have not arrived in Paris yet, you may like to read more about finding apartments in Paris and the mentality of most landlords so you can deal with the situation better.

♦ Accommodation in Paris (Guide for Foreigners)

Vous pouvez m’écrire en français si vous voulez.

Thank you.


Fourth Room Advertisement in July 2017

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Immediate Listing

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  • 13e Arrondissement
    I am a student at ESSEC, also an apprentice at AXA IM, La Defense. I am from India, 23 years old and looking to move into Paris starting June 1st. I am interested in the apartment that you advertised. Looking forward to hear from you. Have a nice week ahead. Cheers.

  • sensational savvy

    Hi Arun, I have already sent the reply to your email. I hope you have a great week ahead too 🙂 Thank you!

  • Hi! my mother is comming to Paris on May 21 with her boyfriend. She is looking for a place for stay 15 days. That is possible? Thanks 🙂

  • sensational savvy

    Hi Patricia, it is not possible for short term stay stay as: –

    1) Bedsheet, blankets and pillow are not provided. Read above.
    2) Downpayment is required.
    3) The rate quoted is for 1 month so it is not going to be pro-rated accordingly if a person stays less than a month. There are rare cases where we pro-rate the rental by ‘per day’ for some people based on a few days of stay but it is not going to be €430 divide by 31 days = € xx, the per-day rate is much higher like what you see from other advertisement.

    Furthermore the landlord is not keen to do short-term rental in general. Have a good day and hope you find one for your mum soon 🙂

  • How do we know whether the room has been rented out or not before I send you an email? I am arriving to Paris a few days before your available date so I am not sure whether it would be rented out.

  • Bonjour,Hello.
    I just sebt you an e-mail, please check it whenever you have time.
    I go to school near the house so it will be really nice if I can stay there. I am looking for a place till December.
    Thank you, have a nice week.

  • sensational savvy

    Hi Curious Junk, if the room has been rented out, I will display a *Rented Out* on the article’s subject header immediately to inform the prospects. Also, I will remove away the whole advertisement section “Special Announcement” in my HOME PAGE.

    When I have new rental in the future, I will repeat the procedure again like now and remove when it is gone. Thank you.