This is What I Called Fate

On my birthday, my friend treated me to Korean BBQ Chicken in United Square, Novena. It was my first time trying out Korean BBQ Chicken. They have a variety of food and the restaurant was very spacious.

After 2 hours, my friend said she had a headache and wanted to buy panadol from Cold Storage right outside the restaurant. I offered to go and buy her panadol and asked her to sit inside the restaurant to rest and wait for me to come back.

After getting the panadol, I stepped out and saw a girl with a cropped hairstyle with her back facing me which looked familiar. I walked to her front and confirmed that she was the same beautiful girl that I saw in Sri Lanka Airport in January while having a stopover in Sri Lanka from Paris to Singapore.

In Sri Lanka Airport

This girl walked into the waiting hall, looking very mesmerising with a toned fit body and it was easy to spot her from far. She is very short and small in size with short black cropped hair.  She looked like a Eurasian. A very exotic and unique look with I cannot differentiate whether she was one.

Perhaps because her look was so full of mystery to me, I stared at her for quite some time. She seemed to have that X-factor. How I wish I could just walk over and say hello to her.

We had to take a shuttle bus that would bring us to the plane. That girl was standing beside me. It was a good chance to talk to her but I did not for fear that she would think that I was crazy or a lesbian. It was also awkward to speak in a jerky bus.

She did give me a polite smile when our eyes met. I stole a glance at her passport which she was holding.  It was marked “Suomi”. After I reached Singapore, I googled and found out that it was a Finnish passport.

I saw the same girl again!

I can’t believe that! Fate brought us to meet again from Sri Lanka to Singapore! This time the environment was conducive to talk. I was determined to break the ice. I went up to her and asked her whether she took the Sri Lanka flight back to Singapore in January. She affirmed with amazement. I told her sheepishly that I could recognise her look due to her exotic beauty.

She said she was a full-time ballet dancer and do modelling part-time when she is not dancing. No wonder her body is so toned and fit. She would be staying in Singapore for a few months to nurse her leg injury and go to the Philippines to do some modelling shoots.

She also clarified that she is of 100% Caucasian origin to satisfy my curiosity. As I have been to Helsinki, Finland before, I told her she didn’t look like a typical Finnish who has blond hair and blue eyes. We exchanged Facebook contact eventually and parted.

What a small world. This is what I called fate!

I have to believe that if you are fated to meet someone, no matter where the person is, how long two people are separated, you will still meet the person because destiny wants you to do so. I meet her on my birthday which was a wonderful memorable present.

I could have allowed my friend to go on her own without offering when she said that she wanted to go and buy the panadol. I could just sit in the restaurant like a birthday princess waiting for her to come back. Had I not taken the opportunity to show my gratitude by offering to walk over to the Cold Storage, I would have missed the opportunity to feel at this moment that fate could just slip away so easily.

Birthday Closure

I went inside the restaurant to join my friend. Shortly we left the restaurant and went to a café beside it. My friend had bought a 300g Prima Deli cake and the kind shop assistant allowed us to celebrate inside the café by bringing outside food while we ordered 2 coffees from the café too.

Thank you Ana for making yourself busy with getting the cake for me early morning in a location far from your house. Appreciate!