Valentine’s Day

Receiving Flowers on Valentine's Day... what does it mean?


Valentine is the special day where lovey-dovey couples look forward to celebrating the love that they have held for each other to come so far. As one says, if two people are really in love, every day is Valentine’s Day.

So, why are people still having expectations on what to receive from their loved ones even though they are happily soaking in their sea of love? Is Valentine’s Day the most appropriate day where one can show love?

Obviously not, I heard voices behind your logical head. Since the feeling of love is ruled by the heart, many women would not deny, they have some forms of expectations from their partners even though they never word it out or sulk for not receiving that Valentine’s gift.

Woman iPad Air Wallpapers HD 35Secretly guys, the ladies just want to know how much you really care about them and would bother to make that effort to arrange something special for them. Many ladies don’t care really, how much you burn your wallets to make them happy.

That is to say that as long as they receive a present from you, they are happy. Period. All they want to see is that effort and effect to make them feel magical on that day so it does not mean that you have to spend a fortune to make them feel like a princess. They are already in love with you, isn’t it, Prince Charming?

Another reason which adds to some expectation on Valentine’s Day is the peer pressure from friends, colleagues and perhaps family members when being asked about the plans on the coming Valentine’s Day or when asked to describe the activities done after post-Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes it might feel a bit embarrassing to tell others that there are no plans for Valentine’s or that the couple did not have any activities on that day. Such feelings come strongest when the relationship has just branched out at an early stage.

Many people underestimate the significance of giving flowers. Flowers symbolise purity, youth and beauty. It associates a woman with her feminine side. No matter how long a relationship is, receiving flowers from a loved one always bring nostalgia and affection to the heart at all times.

It is also one of the most fundamental methods used in early dating which serves as a reminder to the receiver that she is always fondly remembered of just like the sweetness during the honeymoon period.

The types of flowers might hint at how the man feels about the woman. It is not necessary to google online to comprehend explicitly the meaning of the flowers. Follow your gut instinct and feel the unspoken admiration.

Valentine's Day

Although there are many different types of flowers that can be given on Valentine’s Day, roses are still the most classic way to say “I love you”.

Red roses are the classic representation of love and undying passion. Pink roses represent innocence, sweetness and romance. Blue roses illustrate an air of mystery and uniqueness. White roses honour and in remembrance of a person. It is not recommended to send just white roses on Valentine’s Day for fear of association with ill gestures.

On special occasions, it will not come as a surprise that most of the restaurants will be fully booked and reservations would have been booked way in advance. Remember to mark off the special day with a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine in a nice restaurant. Therefore, book your venue early to avoid disappointment.

Happy Valentine’s Day!