Wanna Be Forever Young

As I grow with age, my face does not age much over the years. I am actually not too bothered about whether I look young or not because I believe part of looking young is genetic.

Most importantly, I am really cool and take things easy. How we look is up to the judgement of other people, we cannot change other people’s opinion about us but we can adjust our expectation and the way we handle negative remarks.

If you want to know how you will look like when you are old, take a look at your parents for reference because they are the best indications of how you will look like down the road. Parents are the first tier of indication and the second tier to look out for are your immediate relatives such as the siblings of both your parents.

Genetic: The Study of Heredity

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For women, if you want to know whether you will put on weight permanently after giving birth, take a look at your mother and your aunties. Do they put on weight after they give birth? Take a look at your mother’s photo before she gave birth. Maybe she was the same size and had the same body shape as you when she was younger. For men, you can guess roughly whether you will be bald by looking at your father. These are inheritance of traits from our parents.

The above are just guidelines. There are other factors contributing how one may look different from their parents. One may decide to lose weight and build muscle to improve his appearance. Other aspects like the environment that we work in, the kind of friends that we hang out with, our mental, emotional and spiritual states affect the way how we look physically.

Have you came across 2 person with the same age and attributes, equally fit and has nice looking, radiant complexion but can’t explain sometimes why one person looks younger than the other party? Attitude and behaviour play a huge part in the youth value. One is strong and silent whereas the other is talkative and humerous. In your imagination, who do you think look younger?

Poker Face

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An unhappy person in life will always frown. Too much frowning will cause deepening of lines around the forehead and eyes area. People who bottom up their unhappiness in their heart will subconsciously tighten up their lips as a way of self-defence. This action develops lines around the mouth and on the lip area.

One golden advice for these people is to try and relax their mind first by taking things easy and maintaining a poker face whereas possible instead of showing too much facial expressions. Talk about the problems instead of communicating it using the face.

I practise over the decades by having a poker face when I am unhappy just for the same reason I have stated. I want to avoid having wrinkles as much as possible but I do not carry this practice as far as the woman below. Tess Christian, 50 years old, has deliberately evaded smiling totally for the past 40 years for the sake of not getting a single line on her face. Her effort has paid off and doctor has confirmed that it can be an anti-ageing technique where many actresses use it to minimise the wrinkles on their face. You can read the full story and see more of her photos.

Tess Christian has not smiled for 40 years

Tess Christian has not smiled for 40 years

This is definitely a crazy method where majority of the sane people would go to that extreme to exchange a face rid of lines. I would rather smile and laugh more to my friends with my happiness. I do not want to be seen like an icy beauty. Such a method is ridiculous and too far-fetched in life. I wonder how happy can she be when she said that she loved her life but she would not express it through her face.

I must say that Singaporeans (or rather Asians) generally look young for their age thanks to our tropical weather which allows our face to produce enough oil so we do not get wrinkled that easily.

I assume people who read this want to look young forever and do not want to be in the range of looking like our age or worst, older. Most people yearn to look younger than their actual age. Once the first sign of aging occurs, it is hard to reverse the process naturally other than cosmetic surgery.

Our skin cells renewal slows down and gravity takes a toll on us. Some people are more stressful and less happy with each passing year. All these devitalise our psychological well-being and make us appear older than what we really are.

I would like to share more information in my blog on How to Look Younger with Skin Care [Part I] and How to Look Younger with Makeup [Part II]. There are some little tricks here and there that I do religiously. Taking a Professional Bridal Makeup Course 10 years ago improved my makeup technique tremendously although I didn’t do it as a full time job.

Below is my personal problem on a trip that I have gone through when I stayed in France.

Photo Credit: Erik Susanto

Photo Credit: Erik Susanto

Studying In Université de Nantes, France in 2014

When I studied French language in Université de Nantes, France in 2014, my classmates always thought that I looked younger than my actual age. My class comprised of Asians, Americans and Europeans. Westerners generally look older than Asians on the same age. The look disparity becomes more apparent with the increasing of age.

The most awesome compliment was that I have came from a Chinese classmate of 21 years old who thought that I was an intern like her and we should have around the same age.

When my university could not help me get my insurance because I was over 26 years, they asked me to get my own insurance outside. The insurance agency referred me back to my university when they learnt that I was a student without even asking me my age. My guess was that they thought I was below 26 years old. With a limited spoken French then, I had a problem explaining my situation.

One French friend offered to help me do the translation the second time I went to the Insurance Agency. He didn’t know about my actual age too. He presumed I was having problem getting an insurance because of language barrier. The same thing happened at the counter when the officer referred back to the school. I was quite sure it was the age problem again although he didn’t state it explicitly.

The third time I went back alone to the insurance Agency after 3 months and found myself a translator. I gave the translator my age in French and English and 2 times she repeated my age for her colleague to key in the data, she took off 10 years from there. I had to tell her with my fingers the third time so she can get it right. She had a look of bewilderment and said that I looked so young. I feel that people just believe what they see and does not not really bother to hear the truth.

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